6 Real-Life Examples of Unfair Treatment at Work: No Reason to Remain on the Receiving End When You Can Hire an Employment Attorney

Unfair treatment at work is a touchy subject. When you are concerned at your place of employment, it is an uncomfortable daily grind. Your employer has a responsibility to prevent this unfair treatment within an acceptable timeframe. At some point, all of the pressure becomes too much to bear. When an employment attorney comes into the picture, then you know it’s serious business. 

1. A Lawful Claim is Denied

There are many reasons a claim is denied. You can always file for an appeal through the worker compensation system. If your place of employment refuses to let you appeal the decision, then there is a good reason to be suspicious. Keep track of all forms while filing a claim so that the follow-up requires less work. 

2. Uneven Disability Benefits

One of the most hotly contested benefits comes from permanent disability. It makes up a large percentage of workers comp settlements and is a popular reason to get an employment attorney. When your job offers you much less than what they promised, it may be time to take action

3. Were You Given Incorrect Information?

Not all preexisting conditions disqualify you from receiving benefits. If your company turns you down, do some follow-up research. It’s an uphill battle to get coverage for a preexisting condition, but it isn’t a fight you’ll regret. Don’t let them blame a work injury on a condition that is completely unrelated. When they get aggressive, that will be your first clue to lawyer up.

4. Treatment Shouldn’t Come with A Runaround

Taking ages to complete paperwork costs you time on the job and peace of mind. When you feel an employer is slowing down the process, it is your right to act in your own best interest. Often, time off of work leads to reduced salary. The long-term effects of missing too much work add up, especially if you’re not receiving full pay. 

5. Unstable Work Environment

An employer that ignores a bad work environment is 100% culpable for the harassment. When you’ve made a complaint after complaint and there is no resolution, the situation will continue to worsen. Sexual harassment is a serious breach of trust that requires immediate attention. This also applies to workers that are forced out of their position due to making complaints about harassment. 

6. An Upcoming Hearing

Representing yourself at a worker’s comp hearing puts you at a disadvantage. An insurance company will lob lowball offers your way to get a settlement done. An employment lawyer adds a level of respect and will act as a buffer to swat away nonsense offers. By having someone to represent you, the insurance company has to take the hearing seriously. 

Wrap Up

It’s up to you to determine when an employment attorney is necessary. Waiting too long for representation can damage your case. The knowledge and skill of an employment attorney are valuable, but it always starts with your individual decision.