Coronavirus Triggering a Wave of Lawsuits: Here’s What You Need to Know

Now that Coronavirus has been confirmed in countries all over the world, and the planet is heading into a lockdown status for the foreseeable future to contain it and reduce the harm that this kind of pandemic can cause, we’re entering a world with new situations by which we’ve never seen before.

While many people are focusing on the healthcare side of things, seeing how the services will cope and how people will live day-to-day without access to their jobs or essential services that they’re used too, a new concept is starting to be spoken about in the form of the legal side of things. How will Coronavirus be affected or affect lawsuits?

With this concept in mind, here’s everything you need to know.

Refunded Events

There’s no denying that there are plenty of events that have been canceled from small meetups and gatherings to sporting events and festivals. From Coachella and Glastonbury (UK) to Comic-Con in Boston, there are many organizers that are attempting to refund their attendees for not being able to attend, but this doesn’t mean this won’t come at a cost.

In other situations, events that have already paid for services and artists may not be able to afford to pay back their ticket prices which can lead many people chasing lawsuits to get their money back and hopefully recuperate some of the money they’ll need for living day to day now, especially with many people now out of work.

Travel Adventures

Hand in hand with the concept above, if people have special events that they want to travel too that have now been canceled or suspended, such as weddings, festivals, or even just holidays and vacations, many airlines and travel providers may find that people will raise lawsuits to get their money back if they can’t be refunded.

Healthcare Malpractice

It’s a very difficult time right now since Coronavirus takes a couple of days to detect and confirm with current methods (although new, faster methods are being developed all the time), and with things have changed so rapidly, it’s simply statistics that the risk of medical malpractice has increased dramatically, and will continue to rise in the future.

Of course, there are going to be situations where someone gets something wrong. Whether it’s part of the healthcare process, an incorrect diagnosis, or poor execution of treatment, it’s going to happen at some point somewhere, and not just once, and people are going to die as a result of it. It’s inevitable, as will be the lawsuits that follow.


This is a scary and unique time for us all and never has the modern world as we’ve known it experienced a situation like this on such a connected and global scale. As you already know, all aspects of life have been affected, and the legal industry is no exception. However, unlike other areas of the world, this could be an industry that is affected for many years to come.