Overstepping the Boundaries: 5 Indicators That Tell You It’s Time for a Hostile Work Environment Lawsuit

For many of us, it’s true to say that we spend the same amount of time at work as we do at home with our loved ones, if not more so. Since we spend so much of time working, it’s only natural that we want to work somewhere where we feel safe and appreciated.

Nevertheless, so many of us still find ourselves in hostile work environments which can cause huge amounts of stress, unhappiness and ultimately depression, and at some point, you’ve got to put your foot down and say enough is enough.

If you feel like you’ve been subject to a hostile work environment for long enough and it’s time for a lawsuit to redeem the stresses and conditions they’ve put you through, here are five indicators that will help you solidify your decision.

#1 -You’re Stressed All the Time

While there are many of us who wake up on Monday morning and dread work ahead or feel like the weekend can’t come soon enough, sometimes this can be far too much than the average person and will have a knock-on effect to the rest of your life.

If you’re feeling stressed all the time, perhaps unable to sleep or feel constantly exhausted, this can be a sign of a toxic work environment. If this is the case, get diagnosed by your doctor before legally proceeding.

#2 – You Have Too Many Responsibilities

There’s nothing wrong with working hard while you’re in the workplace, but there can come a time where you’re simply overrun with responsibilities that it becomes unfair and ultimately toxic.

If you’re completing work that’s way above your pay-grade, or shouldn’t fall on you to complete, this can be a sign you’re being overworked by a boss that’s taking advantage of you.

#3 – Office Gossip is Rife

It’s only natural that gossip will go around the workplace. Every company or business will have this to a certain degree. However, if the gossip is more than you think is acceptable, or the gossip is of a prejudice or discriminatory nature, this is a tell-tale sign of a toxic work environment.

#4 – You Are Bullied

This is perhaps the most obvious indicator of a toxic place of work, yet it can be one of the hardest to spot. If you’ve been bullied by co-workers or your management for a long time, this may just feel ‘normal,’ although the truth is this is the furthest from it.

Bullying can take place in lots of different forms from verbal and emotional abuse, and even some kinds of physical abuse, even if it’s throwing things at you in a seemingly ‘jokey’ way.

#5 – Your Boss is Unreasonable

Have you ever had to attend a loved one’s funeral but couldn’t get the time off work? Perhaps a family holiday with the same thing or you’re made to feel guilty when you take time off ill. If this is the case, this is a clear sign that your workplace is toxic and may be breaking the employment rules.


In reality, there are lots of different signs and indicators that a workplace is toxic, and once you start noticing them, you’ll soon see many others start to appear. If you feel your management is unreasonable, bullying, or in some way breaking the law, you could be eligible for filing a lawsuit and claiming compensation for what you’ve been through.