Solidifying Your Marriage: 7 Circumstances Where Getting a Prenup Is in Your Best Interest

Couples need to stay together and support one another in all situations. Through rough times and good times. But this hasn’t been the case over the last few years. The rate of divorce is currently on the rise. And, perhaps, you won’t want to get divorced and end up with nothing. Now what? Well, have thought about a prenup agreement? Please read on to learn some of the circumstances where getting a prenup is your best interest.

  • When You’ve Been Together for A Very Short Time

It is not surprising to see two people getting married after being engaged for a short period of time. Chances are, the partners will have hardly known one another very well. And since the future is unpredictable, you may consider getting a prenup if you find yourself in this situation.

  • If You or Your Partner Has no Plan of Working

There are cases where only one spouse is working as the other is staying at home, say, to take care of the kids. In such a situation, you need to agree on financial provisions to help ensure that the spouse who will not be working can have a financial plan in case the marriage fails.

  • If One of You Is Richer Than the Other

If you or your soon-to-be spouse is earning demonstrably higher income than the other, there can be a worry about what will happen should the marriage not work out. Which is why agreeing on the alimony type prior to getting married will ensure your financial future will be secure.

  • If You’re Interested in Keeping Your Marriage and Finances Private

Perhaps you may not like being disparaged in public, on social media, or any other platform that can compromise your privacy. For this reason, getting a prenup will protect you from such by ensuring your spouse-to-be will not leak your personal matters to the public.

  • If You Have Kids

In a situation where you’ve given birth to children before marriage, getting a prenup will be the best way of establishing what the kids will have in the event of a divorce. This will also clarify what other family members will be entitled in the case of death.

  • If One or Both of You Are Entrepreneurs

If one or both of you are small business owners, you may consider getting a prenup to protect your investments. Remember you’re the one responsible for your business be it a family business or one owned with other people other than your spouse-to-be.

  • If One or Both of You Had Been Married Before

It may not be a guarantee that your spouse-to-be will be preparing to make vows for the first time. Or maybe you were married before. This may mean that one of you will be coming in with certain assets such as child support and co-owned properties as per the law. Therefore, getting a prenup will ensure that you won’t get mixed up in other finances.


The future is unpredictable. You may be engaged today and a few weeks or months to come, you’re ready to take the vows. Which is very okay. But what if the marriage will not work out well? When you find yourselves living like roommates, yet you’re partners. And heartbreaks can be extremely stressful. Especially when the divorce will mean you’ll end up with nothing. What will you do? Don’t wait till this point. Get a prenup today if you can relate to any of the above circumstances.